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Jason Bryll founded the company with the goal to solve his clients’ most challenging problems through data-driven solutions

About Parable Associates - Jason Bryll

About Jason Bryll

Jason has specialized in the Healthcare industry for over a decade with his core focus on Revenue Cycle performance improvement, Information Systems, and Business Intelligence reporting. Over this time, he has served clients operating in specialties such as Behavioral Health, Dermatology, ENT, Orthopedics, large multi-specialty physician practices, Home Health, and large acute care facilities.

Jason has an intricate understanding of the information management challenges the industry faces. He uses his background in Revenue Cycle operations, Information Technology, and Finance to bridge the communication gaps that often exist between departments.

Meet Our Team

Lori Keller
South Carolina 1 of 15
Wesley Layton

Wesley Layton joined Parable Associates in 2021, bringing a unique mix of experience in Hospital Revenue Cycle Operations and Payor-Side Business Intelligence and Analytics. At Parable, he currently serves as the Director of Tableau Services. Prior to joining Parable, Wesley served as an operational consultant with R1 RCM, partnering with large health systems to help identify and drive initiatives to maximize revenue and collections. Through this experience, Wesley discovered his passion for analyzing and presenting data in a capturing format that helps drive business decisions. Wesley went on to work at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, where he led multiple Business Intelligence initiatives to provide insights on cost, utilization, and engagement in the patient population. In his free time, Wesley enjoys running, cycling, and spending time outdoors with his wife and two golden retrievers. 2 of 15
Tina Wilson
Ohio 3 of 15
Tim Florence
Florida 4 of 15
Sean Riley
North Carolina 5 of 15
Sarah Riecke

I am passionate about visualizing data using Power BI. The journey started in college with Tableau and with my first professional job as a Yield Analyst at Collette, I got into Power BI. I now have three years of experience developing and creating reports in Power BI. While modeling data is fun, my favorite part of the development process is designing the report. 6 of 15
Alex Kelley
Michigan 7 of 15
Sam Capper
Tennessee 8 of 15
Punit Patel
Illinois 9 of 15
Kyle Ware
Virginia 10 of 15
John Masselli
New Jersey 11 of 15
Jason Bryll
Michigan 12 of 15
Ehsan Nasiri
Massachusetts 13 of 15
Catherin Storey
Florida 14 of 15
Andrew Kramer
Massachusetts 15 of 15

Benefit from Our Experience

Parable Associates offers a complete suite of business intelligence services. These include all phases of custom business intelligence dashboard implementation, customization, maintenance, and support as well as proactive analysts services. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to drive your organization’s success.

Our analytics professionals work with your team to create data architecture and interactive dashboards that present a clear, comprehensive visualization of KPIs, expenses, budgets and other pertinent data. We can also provide analytical based recommendations that will allow your organization to streamline daily operations, increase productivity, improve client services and optimize your revenue cycle while eliminating the overwhelming task of analyzing the data yourself.

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