Business Intelligence Customization

Taking Business Analytics to the Next Level

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Has your organization already implemented BI and now you’re looking to maximize the benefits it provides? BI customization can allow you to go beyond simply generating reports. Whether you’ve outgrown your current platform or the original implementation just wasn’t the perfect fit for your organization, BI customization can unlock its untapped potential to improve user adoption and enhance feature sets.

Benefits of BI Customization

Customizing your organization’s existing BI can elevate the benefits realized from initial implementation. By enabling access across all departments and optimizing internal communications, you can capitalize on insights from multiple users, identify missed opportunities and forecast change in the industry environment. BI customization will enable:

Customize Your Business Intelligence

The Benefits of Choosing Parable Associates

Ready to fully realize the return on your investment? Parable Associates will work with you to help make that happen. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process and empower your organization’s key stakeholders with the ability to gather and analyze the data relevant to their specific goals and objectives.

Benefits of BI customization

Our Customized Services

Parable Associates will provide the tools, training, and support to enable end users to prioritize data and gain customized insights specific to departmental or project  performance. Our services include:




and development
of new dashboards
and reports

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