Business Intelligence Implementation

Converting Data into Actionable Information

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Parable Associates specializes in business intelligence for today’s complex healthcare industry. We will work with your key personnel to identify the data critical to achieving your organization’s goals. Focused on those goals, we develop custom dashboards that allow you to visualize that data, generate reports, and share them in real-time.

Benefits of BI Implementation

Access to your organization’s data through BI visualization provides valuable insights, empowers decision making and reveals trends, correlations, and patterns that might otherwise be overlooked. BI implementation can generate a variety of information to provide your organization with numerous benefits including:

Seamless BI Integration

The Benefits of Choosing Parable Associates

When implementing business intelligence, the disruption to the existing IT assignments and team structure is an understandable concern. Parable Associates identifies potential disruptions during the initial planning and develops solutions. Our team of professionals is equipped to navigate any issues that materialize during implementation. We can also replicate reports from legacy systems to centralize all your data.

BI Integration

Our implementation Process

Parable Associates offers complete BI implementation services which include:

Power BI implementation support


Data QA

and training

Report and dashboard recommendations

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