From Slow to Pro with an Experity Business Intelligence Solution

From Slow to Pro with an Experity Business Intelligence Solution

Efficient healthcare revenue management is paramount, and platforms like Experity play a crucial role in streamlining processes for urgent care centers. Navigating the challenges of revenue cycle management would be a daunting task without the support of such advanced systems. However, sometimes the complexities of the software can cause delays. A common way to streamline reporting and actionable dashboards is by deploying a business intelligence solution.

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The Culprits Behind Slow Reporting & Their Wider Ramifications

Out-of-the-box reports present a set of challenges that impact the daily workflow of revenue cycle professionals. The process involves logging into the practice management system, navigating to the reports page, and choosing the desired report.

Additionally, many report types crucial to revenue cycle analysis require selecting multiple types of reports and manually stitching them together. This creates added steps and contributes to setbacks. 

The impact of waiting on reports extends beyond mere short setbacks. Revenue cycle team members find themselves spending excessive time pulling reports, and manually wrangling them diverting their focus from in-depth data analysis—a core aspect of their responsibilities. 

The implications of a manual reporting system extend across the entire revenue cycle, impacting timely accounts receivable analysis and overall revenue flow. Some of the areas affected and their consequences include:

Delayed Analysis:

Hampers quick assessment of accounts receivable.

Identification Challenges:

Hinders prompt identification of high-risk accounts. Analysts and representatives struggle to prioritize accounts effectively.

Workflow Inefficiencies:

Assigning work becomes challenging due to extended report generation times.

Manual efforts in report creation divert time from analytical tasks.

Impact on Representatives:

Follow-up representatives experience waiting periods in accessing necessary information.

Slow reporting disrupts their workflow, affecting overall efficiency.

These challenges typically contribute to a lack of confidence in leadership decision-making processes within the overall revenue cycle. The need for a more efficient reporting system is evident to allow leadership to focus on actionable insights rather than spending excessive time on basic analysis.

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Strategic Solutions: Optimizing Experity Reports for Efficiency

A powerful way to mitigate the issues brought about by fractured revenue cycle data analysis is the strategic deployment of a business intelligence solution. With BI you can significantly increase the speed at which reports are generated and in many instances automate the entire process including the data visualization layer.

The key elements of a business intelligence solution that improve revenue cycle efficiency include:

Fast Analysis through Centralized Data Repository:

Centralizing data with BI as a robust data repository expedites report generation.

Swift extraction of vital data points enhances the efficiency of analytical processes.

Quick Access to Comprehensive Datasets:

The centralized approach minimizes the time spent gathering scattered data.

Ensures the information used for analysis is both accurate and reliable.

Strategic Advantage of a Single Source of Truth:

Eliminates discrepancies arising from disparate data sources.

Provides a clear and cohesive foundation for in-depth analysis.

Impact on Decision-Making:

Accelerates the reporting workflow for more timely decision-making.

Sets the stage for precise and impactful decision-making in healthcare revenue management.

Overall Efficiency and Time Allocation:

Optimizes analytical processes, allowing more time for insightful data analysis.

Ensures decisions are well-informed and timely within the complex realm of healthcare revenue management.

The Role of BI for Experity Users

Technology emerges as a key player in addressing the speed challenges associated with Experity reports. The emphasis on BI tools aligns with a broader strategy of fostering operational agility. By maximizing efficiency in report generation, revenue cycle professionals can dedicate more time to in-depth analysis, contributing to informed decision-making and a more effective revenue cycle management process.

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Make the Most of Experity Business Intelligence Solutions

As a preferred partner of Experity BI, Parable Associates can guide your team on the best practices for visualization, ensuring that your data tells a clear, compelling story. Our focus is on making sure your data is presented in a meaningful and impactful way to drive understanding and decision-making.

Our job isn’t done until you have a fully functional, personalized dashboard in your hands. With our consulting services, you don’t just get a tool, you get a powerful decision-making asset, tailor-made for your practice. This dashboard, populated with your real-time data, will provide insights to drive your strategic decisions, improve efficiency, and promote business growth.

We offer practice and revenue cycle management solutions. Want to learn more? Contact us today to schedule a discovery call!

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